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Support on self-guided bicycle tour

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Standby support
You can keep in touch with us, even on a
self-guided bike tour.

We provide you with a mobile phone and a
contact person to call in case of anything
during your tour. This is a 24-hour service
and you can call your contact person
anytime. You will have their mobile number
programmed into your phone. In case you
cannot reach them there are numbers to our
office and the mobile of another person.

At your tour welcome briefing we will show
you how to use the phone and explain who your
contact people are. You also get a phone charger.

People who have gone on our tours in the past have described this service as allowing
them to have an adventure on their tour, but have the peace of mind that they can always
call if needed. This service also enables us to resolve any issues quickly.

You do not have to keep your mobile on. It is your holiday after all. If we need to contact
you during the tour, for any reason, we will leave a message at your overnight hotel.

We mainly use Nokia mobile phones. We also have Siemens and Sony Ericsson cell phones.
On some tours you will use the mobile phone to call us to arrange a particular transfer.

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