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Great news for all bikers! No more flat tires on your trips! Since 2012 we have been using Schwalbe Marathon plus tour tires. All our bikes are equipped with these reliable tires which meet the highest quality standards and provide the best protection against flats. No worries about flat tires on the route, just safe and relaxing biking!

The new Flat-less tire
. A heavy-duty trekking tread for asphalt, or offroad allows this
versatile tire to always feel at home, whether in everyday use, or on long tours. The robuststructure is an effective damage defense that is twinned with SmartGuard, the most effective puncture protection belt for bicycle tires.

Which is the best puncture protection belt?

The current state of the art is our SmartGuard®, the safest puncture protection belt on the market. Other puncture protection systems like Double-Defense® or Kevlar®-MB-Belts provide a very high degree of puncture protection. The decisive advantage of the SmartGuard® is its effectiveness against objects that become embedded in the tread, that are rolled over at each turn of the wheel and will eventually perforate virtually any protection belt. When this happens, the thickness of the SmartGuard® proves its advantage as a drawing pin will simply remain stuck in the rubber without further harming the tire.

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