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The Central European continental climate consists of long, hot summers and cold, snowy winters. The best time for cycling tours is between April and October. In the summer months it can get quite hot. May, June and September are generally good months to take advantage of the cooler, but still warm weather.

Dates 2020:

Self-guided tours:
Every day from April
to the end of October
Guided tours:
May 26 - June 4
July 21-30
  Send us an email for custom guided tours in different dates.


It must be noted that, according to the tourism calendar, the first two weeks in August are when most people go for their holidays. Generally July and August are the busiest months.
We mention this with regard to seeing cultural monuments and UNESCO protected areas with greater ease and with less people around.

Cultural Events

You might wish to adjust the times of your tour to coincide with the following festivals and cultural events:


International Prague Spring Music Festival (May–June) is an international music festival featuring orchestral and theatre series, church concerts, recitals, morning concerts, chamber music and symphony orchestras.

Khamoro (May-June) is a Roma festival which strives to show the richness of Roma culture and traditions as an integral part of Czech, European and world culture.

Prague Food Festival (May)

United Islands (May-June) bring rock, pop, indie, electro, world, folk & jazz music.

Bohemia Jazz Fest (July)

Prague Autumn (September-October) international music festival closes the season.

Kutna Hora

Royal Silvering of Kutna Hora (June) is a Gothic celebration that takes you back to the 15th century. Royal knights tournaments, handcraft presentations and costumed parades bring this town alive.

Kutna Hora International Music Festival (June) is a classical chamber music event which incorporates also jazz and even rock. Much of its music is created on the spot during festival workshops.

St. Wenceslas Festival (September) features folk, country and modern music, handicraft markets, wine tasting and fireworks.


IFAS – International Choir Festival (July)

Wine Festival in Pardubice (August)

Velka Pardubicka Steeplechase (October) is one of the toughest steeplechase contests in Europe. It has taken place annually since 1874. Apart from the major event in mid-October, there are horse races held every month from March to November.


Smetana's Litomysl (June-July) is one of the largest music festivals held in the country. It features symphonic and chamber music concerts as well as opera performances.


Dvorak's Olomouc (May) is an international classical music festival. A tribute to one of the most famous Czech composers, Antonin Dvorak, of New World Symphony fame.

Beerfest Olomouc (May)

Olomouc Cultural Holidays - Olomoucke kulturni prazdniny (July-August) is the series of open air shows, concerts, exhibitions, literary evenings, theatre performances in the historical city center.

Autumn Festival of Sacred Music (September-October) brings first class concerts and performances of sacred music in Olomouc churches.

International Organ Festival (September) is held in St. Maurice church which houses the biggest Czech organs from 1745.


Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival (April) where dozens of famous performers and ensembles play the music of this great composer as well as other famous composers of the time.

Krakow International Film Festival (May-June)

Jewish Culture Festival (June) is one of the most important and largest events of its kind in the world. It started in 1988 as a modest occasion but it turned out to have enormous significance, considering the boldness of the subject matter, upon which the communist authorities of the day looked askance.

List of all festivals in Krakow:

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