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Horsovsky Tyn Castle Itinerary Bavaria to Bohemia

Munich - Regensburg - Pilsen - Prague

Duration: 9 days / 8 nights
Distance: 416 km / 258 miles
Daily avg.: 52 km / 32 miles
Difficulty: Moderate

Semi-guided / guided bike tour

Not available as a self-guided tour Why?

Not recommended for road bikes

Day 1)
Munich – Freising

After your arrival in Munich, the Bavarian capital, make your way individually to Freising, a medieval town at the Isar River bank, just a short way from the Munich airport.
Guided tour: evening briefing with our guide who brings bikes and information materials.
Overnight in Freising.

Day 2)
Freising – Mainburg (42 km / 26 miles)

Semi-guided tour: morning briefing with our guide who brings bikes and tour info materials.
Start your biking in the Isar River valley and continue through the Bavarian mildly rolling countryside. The Abens bike route will take you to the town of Mainburg at the Abens River. This cosy town with a monastery atop a hill promises a relaxing night after your first cycling day.
Overnight in Mainburg.

Day 3)
Mainburg – Kelheim (48 km / 30 miles)

Today you will follow the meandering Abens River downstream descending to the Danube River You will have a chance to go around the site of Roman military outpost, Abusina, dated back to the 2nd century. Arriving to Weltenburg you can choose from cycling over a hill or taking a 5 km boat ride through the Danube gorge to Kelheim. Just above this town stands its symbol, the Neoclassical Hall of Liberation, a monument erected to commemorate the victory over Napoleon in 1815. The panoramic view of the town and the Danube bend is worth climbing there.
Overnight in Kelheim.

Day 4)
Kelheim – Regensburg (37 km / 23 miles)

This short and flat riverside day following the Danube allows for an early arrival to Regensburg, the highlight of the tour. The history of this city, since the Middle Ages the cultural centre of southern Germany, goes back more than 2000 years. No wonder that its centre with numerous surviving medieval buildings is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Overnight in Regensburg.

Day 5)
Regensburg – Cham (72 km / 45 miles)

From Regensburg upstream the Regen River it is an almost flat ride with just one short hill. The deep forested river valley gradually opens wide to the countryside of fields and meadows and brings you to the historical town of Cham. Though repeatedly damaged, by medieval Hussite warriors, Austrian Pandurs and finally air raids in WWII, this more than 1000 years old town has still a lot of beauty to present.
Overnight in Cham.

Day 6)
Cham – Horsovsky Tyn (55 km / 34 miles)

This day starts with a flat section to Furth im Wald, the last German town on your way. From there ride over the border hills to the Czech Republic. Stop for a lunch in the Baroque town of Domazlice with medieval stone fortifications. From there it is a short way over a panoramic viewpoint to Horsovsky Tyn with a superb Renaissance sgraffito castle.
Overnight in Horsovsky Tyn.

Day 7)
Horsovsky Tyn – Plzen (63 km / 39 miles)

From Horsovsky Tyn follow the Radbuza River valley through rustic villages and small towns passing a line of pre-WWII bunkers built to prevent Nazi invasion. Cross the river over the 15th century stone bridge in Dobrany and head down for Plzen, the home of Pilsner beer. Apart from the brewery there are many sights, just to name some – a Gothic cathedral with the highest tower in the country or Patton Memorial Pilsen dedicated to the US Army liberating the city in May 1945.
Overnight in Plzen.

Day 8)
Plzen – Horovice (55 km / 34 miles)

Leaving Plzen pass the Pilsner Urquell brewery and head for Rokycany, a historical town known as the birthplace of Hussite archbishop Jan Rokycana. On 7 May 1945 it became the last Czech town liberated by the US Army, which is commemorated in the local museum. From there ride upstream through timber-house villages towards deep forests of Brdy Hills. Today’s destination is Horovice, the town from where vast Horowitz Jewish family spread worldwide. Horovice Baroque chateau displays the collection of toys which once belonged to aristocratic children around the country. Overnight in Horovice.

Day 9)
Horovice – Karlstejn – Prague (44 km / 27 miles)

Leaving Horovice stop at a tiny Jewish cemetery preserved remotely in the woods amidst fields. Imposing medieval Tocnik Castle will serve as a landmark for the next part of your route. Then follow a river downstream to Beroun, a town with well-preserved town walls and gates. After a short climb you will be rewarded with a fine view of the Bohemian Karst from Tetin, the late 9th century hillfort. Continue through a romantic countryside of limestone rocks and the Berounka River steep-sided valley as far as majestic Karlstejn Castle, founded by Charles IV in 14th centrury to guard the Czech crown jewels.
From Karlstejn you will get a car transfer to the Prague city center.

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