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Via Claudia Augusta in Donauworth Itinerary Danube Trail 1

Munich - Regensburg - Passau

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
Distance: 340 km / 211 miles
Daily avg.: 48 km / 30 miles
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Semi-guided / guided bike tour

Not available as a self-guided tour Why?

Not recommended for road bikes

Day 1)
Munich - Augsburg

After your arrival in Munich, the Bavarian capital, make your way individually to Augsburg (40 min train ride). This ancient city, founded by the Romans two thousand years ago, features unique civic building sites, apart from the early-medieval cathedral and the miraculously preserved synagogue. There is a water management system originated in the 14th century, recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage, and the world’s oldest social housing complex which has been providing decent living for poor Catholics since 1523.
Guided tour: evening briefing with our guide who brings bikes and information materials.
Overnight in Augsburg.

Day 2)
Augsburg – Donauworth (46 km / 28 miles)

Semi-guided tour: morning briefing with our guide who brings bikes and tour info materials.
Start your cycling tour with an all-day-long descent along the ancient Roman road, Via Claudia Augusta, created 2000 years ago to connect the Adriatic Sea with the Danube. Going downstream the Lech River you will arrive to Donauworth, since early-medieval time the site of an important bridge over the Danube. Destroyed and rebuilt many times, it will be also your way to cross the majestic river.
Overnight in Donauworth.

Day 3)
Donauworth – Ingolstadt (62 km / 39 miles)

Follow the Danube downstream with just a few short hills offering you nice views in a varied rural Bavarian countryside with its churches and manor houses. The ideal lunch spot is the Renaissance town of Neuburg right at the Danube bank. From there it is a flat downstream ride, through the forest hiding the Danube’s dead meanders, to Ingolstadt, the cradle of the Illuminati Society. Not only numerous Gothic and Baroque sights, but also Audi car museum attract visitors of this early-medieval city.
Overnight in Ingolstadt.

Day 4)
Ingolstadt – Kelheim (49 km / 31 miles)

Follow a calm riverside, yet unpaved bike path via the ancient town of Vohburg an der Donau. You will have a chance to go around the site of Roman military outpost, Abusina, dated back to the 2nd century. Arriving to Weltenburg you can choose from cycling over a hill or taking a 5 km boat ride through the Danube gorge to Kelheim. Just above this town stands its symbol, the Neoclassical Hall of Liberation, a monument erected to commemorate the victory over Napoleon in 1815. The panoramic view of the town and the Danube bend is worth climbing there.
Overnight in Kelheim.

Day 5)
Kelheim – Regensburg (37 km / 23 miles)

This short and flat riverside day following the Danube allows for an early arrival to Regensburg, the highlight of the tour. The history of this city, since the Middle Ages the cultural centre of southern Germany, goes back more than 2000 years. No wonder that its centre with numerous surviving medieval buildings is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Overnight in Regensburg.

Day 6)
Regensburg – Straubing (50 km / 31 miles)

You will start biking from Regensburg to a picturesque historic town of Donaustauf where you can visit the famous hall of fame – Walhalla, displaying the most distinguished personalities in German history. To reach the monument you can either ride up a steep hill or walk there. Then the route passes through countless tiny villages to Straubing, an ancient town with a Romansque basilica, whose New Town was founded “just” 800 years ago.
Overnight in Straubing.

Day 7)
Straubing – Deggendorf (39 km / 24 miles)

Today’s flat and easy ride will keep you following the Danube River downstream via the town of Bogen with a Gothic church atop a riverside hill. Wrap up your day in the 1200-year-old city of Deggendorf, where the mystic Medieval Age has just finished. Five centuries after the discovery of America, in 1992, the local pilgrimage, one of greatest in Germany, based on a medieval fabricated legend, was eventually discontinued.
Overnight in Deggensdorf.

Day 8)
Deggendorf – Passau (57 km / 35 miles)

Today´s destination is Passau, so called “the Venice of the North”, a city spread at the confluence of three rivers. It is famous for its impressive cathedral housing the biggest church organ of the world. The Danube Trail continues from here to Austria and Hungary, yet that is another story (and tour)…

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