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Guides for your Bicycle Tour

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Guide on the Raistna in Lednice - Valtice areaOur guides are:
• Knowledgeable about sights on your trip
• Bilingual - no language barrier for you
• Nationals of the main tour country
• Friendly and personable

The role of the guide on the bicycle tour
Your guide cycles with the group on the
route and will be responsible for the logistics.
They will show you certain points of interest
along the way.
The guide will be with the
group from breakfast until after dinner.
They can advise on tasty dishes for dinner.

You might meet on your guided bicycle tour in Central Europe...

Ladislav Ptacek
Ladislav Ptacek - guide
Ladislav has translated a book by the leading author, James Carter on Heritage Interpretation. Heritage interpretation is, in essence, how to present natural and cultural heritage in an interesting and informative way. Expect to learn something new and be taken care of when Ladislav is your guide!
Barbora Hammond
Barbora Hammond - guide
Barbora has been proclaimed as “National Treasure of the Czech Republic” by some of our clients on a tour. She is local history enthusiast and loves to pass this on to our clients. She will charm you with the delights of Central Europe.
Jano Rohac
Jano Rohac - guide
Jano has been active in setting up the Amber Trail Greenway from Budapest to Cracow, which links projects of communities along this route. He lives in Slovakia and is trained in mountain guiding.
Hana Antoninova
Hana is a freelance translator and has recently translated a book about the band U2 into Czech. She loves sports, especially cycling. She was dubbed "Mother Duck" on one of our guided tours because she cycled from the first to last rider and back again, checking to see everyone was OK.
Tomas Stanek
Tomas Stanek - guide
Tom gained his professional experience as a Central European tour guide for American choirs and orchestras and now he combines it with his love for mountain bike riding. He is very responsible, but loves humor, good stories and having fun. You will not be bored if Tom is your guide.
Libor Sulak
Libor is a people person and has a good time with everyone. A Czech national, he loves showing off the Czech Republic, giving people a better understanding of history and what life is like there.
Petr Simek
Petr has traveled to the British Isles, Scandinavia, the Middle East, the Far East and South America. He translates into English and teaches English. He is a trained volleyball umpire and lives in the city of Brno with his wife and his sons.
Petr Antonin

Petr started the first private English language school in the Czech city of Brno in 1989. As this was during the last year of Socialism the school was illegal in its first year. He discovered mountain bikes in 1991 and has not looked back. He is an avid cyclist and cycles 4000 km per year.

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