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Our Global Partners

You can book our tours directly with us or our partners around the world.

Our global partners, adventure travel companies, would be happy to help you book any of
our tours. Some companies sell our tours exactly as you see them on our website.
Other companies customize and modify our tours to fit their offer. However you can
reserve any of our tours through these companies. When you contact them please
mention our company (Greenways Travel Club / Topbicycle) and let them know which tours
you are interested in - for their reference. You can call them toll free with no difference in
the time zone. These companies may also be able to arrange flights and travel insurance.

Perhaps you have toured with one of these companies before? You can do so again!
Give them a call or an email today.

North America - US and Canada
Pure Adventures - Arizona
Toll free: 800-960-2221
Freewheeling Adventures - Nova Scotia
Toll free: 800-672-0775
Bike Tours Direct - Tennessee
Phone: 877-462-2423
Active Journeys - Ontario
Toll free: 1-800-597-5594 (Canada)
Footloose Travel Guides - Colorado
Phone: 720-220-6998
TrailFinders Canada - Ontario
Toll free: (888) 765-7662 (Canada)
Nichols Expeditions - Utah
Toll free: 800-648-8488
 Australia / New Zealand
 A Walker's World / Cycling Europe - Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: (09) 486 7473/1
Walk Cycle Holidays / Passport Travel - Melbourne, Australia
Australia toll free: 1800 337 031

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