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Bicycle tours in Austria

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Easy Tours
Moderate Tours
Challenging Tours
Danube Trail I.
From Passau to Vienna
(Germany - Austria)
Danube Trail II.
From Vienna to Budapest

Stately Old Europe
Four Countries Tour
(Czech Republic, Austria,
Hungary and Slovakia)

Easy - bike tour follows a course of a river, usually downstream; the terrain profile is almost level, the route can be easily traveled by beginner bikers.
From Vienna to Prague
(Austria - Czech Republic)
Heart of Europe
From Salzburg to Prague
(Austria-Czech Republic)
Amber Trail II
From Vienna to Cracow
(Austria-Czech Republic-Poland)

Moderate the bike tour is evenly distributed over
hilly terrain and less demanding flat parts;
1 or 2 more challenging
days of ascents and
descents (crossing a
mountain range), the
route can be managed by
recreational cyclists who
ride regularly at home.

Challenging - only 1 or 2 easy days; the rest of the route is challenging in terms
of terrain: several highland
or mountain ranges to be crossed during the tour, with long, steep climbs. The route is suitable for well-trained recreational cyclists or accomplished sports enthusiasts, who will enjoy the very difficulty of the terrain.
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