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Top Bicycle Tours in Europe
Vienna - Prague
Heart of Europe
Salzburg - Prague
Amber Trail I
Budapest - Krakow
Elbe River Trail
Prague - Dresden
Amber Trail II
Vienna - Krakow
Danube Trail I.
Passau - Vienna
Danube Trail II.
Vienna - Budapest
Stately Old Europe
Four Countries Tour

Tours by country
- Czech Republic
- Slovakia
- Hungary
- Poland
- Austria
- Germany
for road bikes
Vienna - Prague
Czech Highlands
for road bikes
Mikulov - Prague
Danube Trail
for road bikes
Passau - Budapest
Road Bikes Tours

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PragueTop bicycle tours in Europe are ready for cycling!

Labe River Trail Greenways Vienna Prague Greenways Vienna Prague Danube Trail Passau Vienna Amber Trail Vienna Cracow Danube Trail Vienna Budapest Amber Trail Budapest Cracow Alongside the traditionally popular bike tour countries, mainly Austria and Germany, you can
now go by bicycle in countries that
for decades were concealed behind the Iron Curtain:
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. Since the fall of communism, these
countries, too, have been discovering the magic of cycling. Recently a large number of
bicycle trails have sprung up, and are becoming worthy competition for popular bike routes
such as the Danube Trail from Passau to Vienna. Our program offers both the traditional
bicycle tours, as well as bike tours in countries whose cyclotourism boom is just coming.

The basic categories of Top bicycle tours in Europe are based on the difficulty of the route:

Easy Tours
Moderate Tours
Challenging Tours
Danube Trail I.
From Passau to Vienna
(Germany - Austria)

From Vienna to Prague
(Austria - Czech Republic)

Amber Trail I
From Budapest to Cracow
Danube Trail II.
From Vienna to Budapest

Heart of Europe Trail
From Salzburg to Prague
(Austria - Czech Republic)

Challenging - only 1 or 2 easy days; the rest of the route is challenging in terms
of terrain: several highland
or mountain ranges to be crossed during the tour, with long, steep climbs. The route is suitable for well-trained recreational cyclists or accomplished sports enthusiasts, who will enjoy the very difficulty of the terrain.
Elbe River Trail
From Prague to Dresden
(Czech Republic - Germany)

Stately Old Europe
Four Countries Tour
(Czech Republic, Austria,
Hungary and Slovakia)

Amber Trail II
From Vienna to Cracow
(Austria-Czech Republic-Poland)

Moderate the bike tour is evenly distributed over
hilly terrain and less demanding flat parts;
1 or 2 more challenging
days of ascents and
descents (crossing a
mountain range), the
route can be managed by
recreational cyclists who
ride regularly at home.
Easy - bike tour follows a course of a river, usually downstream; the terrain profile is almost level, the route can be easily traveled by beginner bikers.

Why are bike tours in Europe a good choice?
1. Europe is rich in history, yet it offers modern facilities and sophisticated services.
2. Its compact dimensions are well suited for cycling tours distances between towns can
    be easily covered by bicycle.
3. It offers a well-balanced mix of both cultural and natural features for every traveler
    architecture, arts, scenery, medieval castles, fairytale-like palaces, traditional cuisine,
    quaint little cafes, and much more.
4. European drivers are accustomed to cyclists and respect them, which, in combination
    with a dense network of well-surfaced backroads, creates ideal conditions for biking.
5. Moreover, visitors to Central Europe benefit from an excellent price/value ratio.

Top bicycle tours in Europe surfaces you will encounter

All our bicycle tours follow mostly a solid surface (tarmac), and are well suited for hybrid bikes, many of them also for road bikes. At some tours there are a few short sections with fine gravel or compacted dirt surface, where we either provide modified road bike itineraries (Greenways) or encourage you to ride a hybrid (e.g. Amber Trail or Danube Trail II).
In Central Europe there is a dense network of backroads ideal for cycling. Their surface is of good quality and there is little traffic. All our routes follow the 2nd or 3rd class roads or dedicated bike paths (mainly in Austria and Germany).
Should you cross a busy road, the route instructions will always warn you in advance.

Top bicycle tours in Europe - daily sections

The average daily riding distance at our tours is about 50 km / 32 miles. The road bikes tours daily average is about 80 km / 50 miles. Our desire is to offer a balanced, but not a boring tour, so some riding days might be quite short with ample time to relax and do sightseeing, other a bit longer to enjoy the ride itself.


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