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Book a Tour

We encourage you to send us an email or call us to discuss your tour choice with us.
The best way to meet your expectations in providing a quality cycling, walking or multisport
tour is to explain the details to you directly. We include the maximum amount of information
on our website and in our brochure, but we are sure there is still space for your questions
and comments.

Book Online
You can book a tour online directly from our website. On this website, you can fill out the
online reservation form and pay online for your tour by credit card immediately after. We
use the highest security for online payments by credit card (3-D Secure payment gateway
with SSL technology). We will not see your credit card details.

Booking by paper reservation form
If you would like to book your tour by filling out a real paper reservation form then you can
download our PDF reservation form and print it out. Alternatively, contact us and we will
post you this form or send it to you as an email attachment.

Be sure to read our Terms & Conditions if you book directly with us.

Book through our Global Partners
You can book a tour with us or through any of our global partners. We cooperate with
well- known adventure travel companies around the world. They may be better able to help
you with transportation options from your country. Some companies sell our tours exactly
as you see them on our website. Other companies customize and modify our tours to fit
their offer. However you can reserve any of our tours through these companies. When
you contact them please mention our company (Greenways Travel Club / Topbicycle) and
let them know which of our tours you are interested in for their reference. You can call
them toll free with no difference in the time zone.



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