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Trek bikeItinerary

9-day itinerary for Cycling Trail
Bratislava - Dolny Kubin

Length: 406 km / 254 miles
Trip rating: Moderate to Challenging

Day 1)
Bratislava – Velky Meder (69 km / 43 miles)
The first day takes you from the capital city of Bratislava with its Old Town along the Da-
nube river valley to the spa town of Velky Meder.
Overnight in Velky Meder.

Day 2)
Velky Meder – Komarno (46 km / 29 miles)

Continue cycling along the Slovak side of the Danube with Hungary on the southern bank.
Today involves some easy cycling following the river course. The destination today is
Komarno at the confluence of the Danube and Vah rivers. It is probably one of the oldest
settlements in the whole river basin area with archaeological finds placing human habita-
tion here at the later Bronze Age. Its Hungarian counterpart town, Komarom is just across
the Danube.
Overnight in Komarno.

Day 3)
Komarno – Ezstergom / Sturovo (50 km / 31 miles)

From Komarno you journey along the river Danube to the town of Sturovo. At this point it is possible to visit the Hungarian town of Ezstergom, were you will cross over from the northern to the southern bank of the river. Ezstergom was the historic seat of the Hungarian bishops and has a massive basilica over the town.
Overnight in Sturovo.

Day 4)
Sturovo - Dudince (58 km/ 36 miles)

This day takes you through rolling terrain to the spa town of Dudince, built in the true
spirit of Socialist Realism. Even today the spa offers a look back to times not so long ago
and a day spent here is a very interesting experience. Another point of interest is the set
of Roman bathtubs, carved out of the travertine rock.
Overnight in Dudince.

Day 5)
Dudince - Banska Stiavnica (39 km / 25 miles)

The challenging part of the of the trip starts here. We get into the Stiavnicky Hills, which
is a little rehearsal for the mountainous parts later. Less machine-like cyclists need not
panic, however, as the length of the daily rides can be changed according to momentary
conditions, and the rest of the day's trip can be taken in a van. Banska Stiavnica, now a
UNESCO World Heritage Site, with an extraordinarily well-preserved historical center and
an ancient legacy of mining, is one of the best stops along the whole Amber Trail.
Overnight in Banska Stiavnica.

Day 6)
Banska Stiavnica - Banska Bystrica (59 km / 36,9 miles)

Today’s route consists of two parts. First half is hilly, in quiet rural environment, forests and remote villages. Then it is almost flat and the route takes you against the Hron river through vital countryside. On the way to Banska Bystrica, stop in Hronsek to look at the precious timber church listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Once in Banska Bystrica you will see that the old part of the town is being well restored and is doing much to overcome the towns upsetting, Socialist past.
Overnight in Banska Bystrica.

Day 7)
Banska Bystrica - Vlkolinec - Liptovsky Mikulas (65,8 km / 41,1 miles)

Today transportation is organized from Banska Bystrica to Vlkolinec – A UNESCO World Heritage site, it contains the biggest concentration on traditional architecture in the Slovak Republic – precious, old houses built using old crafts and techniques. Having climbed up from Liptovska Osada you begin cycling in the very challenging area of the Lower Tatras – beginning with a seven mile climb. However the amazing views and the sweeping landscape are worth the ride to the top. The rest of the day is easier with a ride around the reservoir in Liptovska Mara. Finish in Liptovsky Mikulas, an interesting town whose museum documents an infamous outlaw Juraj Janosik – the equivalent of Robin Hood in Slovakia.
Overnight in Liptovsky Mikulas.

Day 8)
Liptovsky Mikulas - Dolny Kubin (49,7 km / 31 miles)

Cycle through the Chocsky and Oravsky Hills, one of the prettiest segments of the whole route. In the village of Lestiny there is a rare wooden church built without a single nail.
Overnight in Dolny Kubin

Day 9)
Dolny Kubin – Bratislava
Transfer from Dolny Kubin to Bratislava by train.


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