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Czech Greenways cycling tour Valtice - Cesky KrumlovTime to go
Czech Greenways cycling tour
Vienna - Cesky Krumlov - Prague

Cultural Events

You might wish to adjust the times of
your Czech Greenways cycling tour to
coincide with the following festivals and
cultural events:


Czech Greenways cycling tour
Valtice - Cesky Krumlov
Dates 2019:

Self-guided tours:
Every day from April
to the end of October
Guided tours:
June 15-22
(Includes The Festival of the Five-petalled Rose, Cesky Krumlov)
July 13-20
August 10-17
September 6-13
(Includes Palava Wine Festival, Mikulov) 


Mikulov Wine Fare (18 May 2019) - prestigious wine tasting event, rich cultural programme,Czech championship in filling the wine pipette from the barrel

The Town of Mikulov Festival (17 - 19 May 2019) - scenes from the traditional life in Mikulov, opening of sights to the public with complementary events, performances of local ensembles and schools, wine tasting, gastronomic specialities

The International Guitar Festival (7 - 13 July 2019) - Festival with master-classes of interpretation and concerts by world-class guitarists.

The Festival of the Nations from the Podyji (19 - 21 July, 2019) - presentation of the original cultural and culinary specialties of the nations living in the Podyji region (In Czech only)

Festival Of The Three Neighbors (9 - 10 August 2019) - Meeting of folklore ensembles.

Mikulov Beer Festival (9-10 August 2019) - tasting of different beer brands, attractive cultural programmes (only in Czech)

Eurotrialog Mikulov (30 - 31 August 2019) - Central-European Music Festival with pop,
rock, alternative and ethnic music

Kampanila (29 August - 1 September 2019) - International Choir Festival.

Pilgrimage to Holy Hill (1 September 2019) - Traditional pilgrimage to the Black Loretan Madonna on Holy Hill in Mikulov.

Palava Wine Harvest Festival (6 - 8 September 2019)-a grand event with a historical fair and wine market, historical and folk costume parades, wine tasting, a program of events for all ages and local culinary specialties. (in Czech)

Days of Jewish Culture (20 - 22 September 2019)


Valtice Wine Fair (10 - 11 May 2019) - Prestigious wine exhibition.


Znojmo Wine Festival (13-15 September 2019) - One of the biggest wine harvest festivals in the Czech Republic. Try Burcak, young wine only weeks old.



Holidays in Telc (26 July- 11 August 2019) - Folk festival, theatre, discussions, performances and exhibitions.

Hot-air Balloons above Telc (24 - 26 August 2019) -

Historical celebration Zachariáš from Hradec and Kateřina from Valdštejn
(18 - 19 August 2017) - Historical celebration.

Jindrichuv Hradec

The Folk Rose Festival (July, 2019) - Folk groups from all over the world perform their music and dances.


Trebon Cultural Summer (June-September 2019) - Concerts by various chamber ensembles in the Church of St.Mary Regina and St.Giles and in the chapel of Schwarzenberg Tomb.

Around Trebon Music Festival (26 June - 1 July 2019) - Around Trebon Festival is one of the longest-running, multigenre festivals in the Czech Republic. It was first organized in 1992.The festival offers a variety of musical genres, unusual combinations of concerts and theatre performances, street happenings, competitive and fun races, and other entertainment.

Trebon´s nocturna (8 - 13 July, 2019)– a summer festival of classical music whose aim it is to bring top Czech and foreign performers to Třeboň and to offer visitors to the town music that at other times is only found on the most respected of Czech and world stages. Quality music played by well-known performers and the cosy atmosphere of the square or chateau in Třeboň combine to guarantee visitors to the festival an unforgettable, uplifting experience every year

Krcin´s Trebon (July 2019) - Historical celebration.

Cesky Krumlov

The Festival of the Five-petalled Rose (22-24 June 2019) - Historical Renaissancefestival with parades of people in medieval clothes as well as music concerts.

Festival of Chamber music (28 - 30 June 2019) - Festival of the classical music with the longest tradition in Cesky Krumlov. Part of the festival comprises of ‘Music through the Ages’ where music can be hard on the tour route of Cesky Krumlov Castle

The International Music Festival (19 July– 10 August 2019) - Largest of Cesky Krumlov´s festivals. It has been going since 1992 and includes music of all periods with the participation of renowned instrumentalists, singers, chamber ensembles, choirs and symphony orchestras.

Celebrations of St.Wenceslas (27 - 29 September 2019) - Autumn fair, celebration of good food and drink, theatre pieces, and concerts for St.Wenceslas Day (Patron Saint of the Czech Lands).


International Prague Spring Music Festival (12 May–4 June 2019) - International music festival featuring orchestral and theatre series, church concerts, recitals, morning concerts chamber music and symphony orchestras.

Khamoro (26 May -1 June, 2019) - Roma Festival strives to show the richness and complexity of Roma culture and traditions. The festival is divided into 3 sections - professional, cultural and media. The festival strives on the one hand to present Roma culture, art and traditions as an integral part of Czech, European and world culture.

Prague Food Festival (May, 2019)

United Islands (31 May - 2 June, 2019)- rock, pop, indie, electro, world, folk & jazz music

Bohemia Jazz Fest (8-9 July, 2019)

Prague Autumn ( September - October 2019) - International music festival.


The Central European continental climate consists of long, hot summers and cold, snowy
winters. The best time for Czech Greenways cycling tour is between April and October.
In the summer months it can get quite hot. May June and September are generally good
months to take advantage of the cooler, but still warm weather.

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It must be noted that, according to the tourism calendar, the first two weeks in August
are when most people go for their holidays. Generally July and August are the busiest
months. We mention this with regard to seeing cultural monuments and UNESCO protected
areas with greater ease and with less people around.

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