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Cycling on Moravian trailItinerary

8-day itinerary for Cycling Trail
Mikulov - Roznov

Length: 274 km / 170 miles

Day 1)

Arrive by train from Vienna (or Prague) to Breclav, just on the Czech side of the Czech-Austrian border. Our contact person will meet you as you get off the train, and drive you to your hotel. There your contact person will brief you on the tour, and hand over the bikes and information materials. Sightseeing around this historical town famous for its longstanding connection to wine-making and its Jewish monuments – synagogue and old cemetery.
Overnight in Mikulov.

Day 2)
Mikulov – Lednice-Valtice Area – Cejkovice (57 km / 36 miles)

The first day on the cycle route takes you to Valtice with its reknowned baroque chateau
(in its cellers the National Wine Salon serves only the very best wines in the Czech
Republic). On to the fairy-tale, neo-gothic castle in Lednice with its outstanding park and
greenhouse. Finish the day in Cejkovice with accommodation in a hotel situated at
Cejkovice chateau.
Overnight in Cejkovice

Day 3)
Cejkovice – Kyjov (35 km / 22 miles)

Today is one of the less demanding stages, the route of which leads you through the
fertile, wine-growing landscape to Milotice. Here you have the possibility to visit its
baroque chateau and French-style gardens with water lily ponds and wetland areas. The
exhibition of Moravian baroque sculpture in the chateau orangery is also worth a visit.
The last, short part of the route goes straight to Kyjov.
Overnight in Kyjov.

Day 4)
Kyjov – Uherske Hradiste (53 km / 33 miles)

The trail goes through the Chriby Hills and this is one of the more demanding days on your
tour, cycling uphill to the gothic castle at Buchlov, the first stop. Next comes Buchlovice
with its impressive, renaissance chateau and the trail leads you further on to the village
of Tupesy famed for its ceramic studio. The last stop before Uherske Hradiste is Velehrad,
an attractive town with a basilisk and a monastery.
Overnight in Uherske Hradiste.

Day 5)
Uherske Hradiste – Kromeriz (40 km / 25 miles)

The route from Uherske Hradiste goes along the river Morava, through the town of Napa-
jedla, famous for its horse-breeding farm and on through Otrokovice to the town of
Kromeriz. This place has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its famous
chateau gardens - Podzamecka and Kvetna. The chateau itself holds a valuable collection
of European paintings from the 15th - 18th centuries, which is twinned the collection of
French kings by Tizian, Durer and Rubens at the Louvre in Paris. The chateau with its
beautiful interior and gardens (UNESCO protected) was, in history, the summer residence
of the archbishop of Olomouc.
Overnight in Kromeriz.

Day 6)
Kromeriz – Vsetin (61 km / 38 miles)

The long route makes this day demanding and it is possible to shorten the journey by car
by 18 km and start in Holesov. Holesov contains many interesting Jewish monuments – a
richly decorated synagogue, an exhibition of Jews in Moravia and a valuable cemetery with
a ceremonial hall. The cycling to Vsetin is an uphill stage to the upper pass of the Beskydy
Mountains. Here you will be traveling along one of the most interesting parts of the whole
route with the amazing landscape and distinctive villages of the region called Wallachia.
Overnight in Vsetín.

Day 7)
Vsetin – Roznov pod Radhostem (28 km /18 miles)

The last day of your route is short but contains demanding uphill cycling. The first 14 km
lead up Ptacnic hill (830 m) but after that the trail is downhill all the way to Roznov pod
Radhostem. Roznov lies at the foot of the magnificent Beskydy mountain Radhost and is
known for its out-door museum of Wallachian architecture. This museum consists of three
smaller museums: Wooden Hamlet, Wallachian Village and Mill Valley.
Overnight in Roznov pod Radhostem.

Day 8) Roznov pod Radhostem - Beskydy Mountains
This last day you have several opportunities – visiting the outdoor museum of Wallachian architecture, or hiking up to the peak of Radhost, the most famous peak in the Beskydy mountain (1129 m). On the way you will pass a wooden effigy of the pagan god and mountain spirit called Radegast, sculptures of Cyril and Methodius and a small wooden chapel. For dedicated cyclists, the ideal program is a ride to Pustevny, a popular village with its collection of wooden structures by the architect Dušan Jurkovič.

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