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Czech Republic
Slovakia & Hungary

We are specialists for cycling tours in Central Europe

Central Europe Cycling Vacations

Joys of bicycling
in Czech Republic
, San Francisco Chronicle

"We had biked 10 centuries in about as many miles, from a medieval stone tower in a maze of narrow village streets to an isolated ridge with a barbed wire remnant of the Iron Curtain..." more

Cycling in the Czech Republic

Much to our regret we announce that due to the persistent covid pandemic we had to discontinue all our biking tours.

We would like to thank all those who have taken cycling trips with us in the past.

Even though Topbicycle cycling tours end, Greenways Travel Club keeps offering walking tours in Central Europe.

Who is Topbicycle?

Topbicycle is a brand name of Czech tour operator Greenways Travel Club, arranging biking and hiking vacations in Central Europe since 1996.
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Why go with us?

We specialize in Central Europe tours only.
This is where we live and simply know it best. We have been developing our tours, based on a detailed local knowledge of our region, since 1996.

All our guides are experienced.
They will share with you their deep knowledge of the regional culture and history. Fluent in English, they will be your great companions.

Our self-guided tours are planned to the utmost detail.
Precise English route descriptions, detailed maps and GPS for easy navigation, 24/7 cell phone support and smooth luggage transfers will let you enjoy the trip.

All our routes can be customized according to your wishes.
Do you feel like skipping some nights or adding rest days and extra nights? Email us your ideas and we will shorten or lengthen the trip just for you. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Your feedback is taken seriously.
We improve our tours based on people’s suggestions and recommendations. The feedback and experience gathered over the years is reflected in our tours.

Our tours are being developed constantly.
We keep searching for new routes and appealing destinations in our region which are worth touring. Many of our clients come again to explore more.

A lot of our guests are from North America and Australia and it is our pleasure to provide for this level of service and expectation.

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Why go on a tour in Central Europe?

Excellent network of well-marked trails.
Low-traffic roads and dedicated paths will enhance your safety. Clear route marking system and well-developed infrastructure favor relaxed vacations.

Surprising density of sights.
The countless medieval castles, charming chateux, palaces, parks and royal residences wait for lovers of history and old Europe.

Refreshing variety of landscapes makes each day stand out.
Do you want to see green forests, blooming meadows, calm fishponds, majestic rivers, fascinating rock formations or fruitful vineyards? You can see it all in one tour.

Quality accommodation and sophisticated services.
Since the fall of Communism in 1989, the level of service has been constantly improved to satisfy even the discerning traveler.

Easy access to Central Europe.
Our tours begin and end in major cities worth of spending some time around. There are international airports in Prague, Vienna or Budapest and fast train connections.

Compact 'human' dimensions.
The distances between our towns and villages make it never too far to the nearest refreshments or point of interest here.

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